10 Unbelievable Reasons to Regularly Drink Green Tea

Flow of good news regarding green tea is really hard to control. Every once in a while results of some new research done on people who regularly drink green tea appear. Results that blow us away. We gathered them all for you in this list. Check it out!

#1 It will help you lose weight

If you firmly decided to lose extra weight green tea will be a great ally. Studies have shown it accelerates calorie burning and metabolism, reduces level of fat found in blood, bad cholesterol and even reduces desire for food. So, if you want to loose weight in a healthy way, drink green tea!

#2 It increases endurance while exercising

Science says antioxidants found in green tea increases bodies capability to burn fat as fuel, which means higher muscle endurance and more energy while exercising.

#3 It reduces risk from heart attack

By regularly drinking green tea you will make your blood vessel cells healthier, which will ensure healthy and unobstructed blood flow which in turns mean you will have a healthier heart!

#4 It fights many forms of cancer

Antioxidants in green tea are proven fighters against many forms of cancer: lung, breast, bowel, skin, stomach, pancreas, liver, prostate… It’s been confirmed that green tea extract causes death of tumor cells by starving them and taking away blood vessels which feed them.

#5 It hydrates

Contrary to belief that green tea causes additional urge for water (dehydrating effect), it actually provides the body as much as water does. Not only does it hydrate, it also provides the body with other ingredients which protect it from dehydration.

#6 It protects the skin from sun

You need protection from UV radiation? Drink green tea! Studies have shown that antioxidants in green tea serve as great protection from sun and illnesses harmful UV radiation can cause.

#7 It regulates blood sugar level

Green tea can do wonders for people who suffer from diabetes. Science says this beverage regulates glucose level and in that way decelerates blood sugar growth. It also stimulates insulin production and pancreatic functions. This is where previously mentioned advantage of green tea also comes in play, the ability to regulate healthy blood flow.

#8 It’s good for mental health

Polyphenols in green tea can help parts of the brain which control memory and studying. This is why it’s also good in prevention of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

#9 It fights (premature) aging

How young and healthy our arteries are is how young and healthy we are. Healthy ingredients contained in green tea are excellent against blood vessel sediments, which is matter that increases risk from heart disease and heart attack, which make us older than we are and takes away our energy!

#10 It strengthens immunity

Polyphenols and flavonoids in green tea strengthen our immunity and makes our body healthier and more capable to fight off various preying viruses.

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Can you think of any other reasons why it would be smart to regularly drink green tea? How often do you drink it? Do you stick to the same brand (which one) or do you mix several favorite brands? I would love to read your comments below.

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