3 Ballerina Tea promises effective weight loss simply through its consumption 2-3 times a day.

An Overview

You must have read different 3 Ballerina Tea reviews but this review is going to offer much more information about the product as well. First off, the 3 Ballerina Tea Pack actually contains 3 separate boxes inside and each of these boxes has 18 tea bags within. So you get 54 bags in one big box of 3 Ballerina Tea.

3 Ballerina is a Chinese tea concoction that is meant to assist both men and women in their effective weight loss program. For as little as $6, one can get hold of 54 tea bags when only a single box of 18 tea bags can really do wonders for your body. It doesn’t actually help in burning fat as much as it triggers the cleansing of the body. And this is not over a period of weeks, the process actually starts within hours, if not minutes.

The product is not sold from any official website; however, it can be easily bought from other sites like Amazon or asiachi.com.

Active Ingredients of the Product and Their Effect

The active ingredients within the product are:

• Cassia Angustifolia, also known as Senna, and
• Verticellata, or Chinese Mallow.

The tea contains all natural herbs as ingredients, therefore there are no side effects and can be consumed at any time of the day. However, it is quite effective and after half an hour or less of drinking a cup of 3 Ballerina Tea, you will start to feel the ingredients waking your intestines up with a rumble. And no later than an hour will you start making your visits to the toilet to clear out all that waste. The effects last till everything has been cleared out. Therefore it is advised to try the first cup on a weekend.


Anyone who is suffering from irregular bowel movements, or chronic constipation and bloating should definitely try it out. Your body is going to feel light and energetic and you will definitely experience an improved metabolism.

You might have read from other 3 Ballerina Tea Reviews that this stuff is strong and it really works on everyone’s stomach. All of it is true. People who had been doubtful about its effectiveness changed their views within days when they started shedding pounds. By the time they reached to their second box of tea bags, most of them had already lost around 30lbs. which is unbelievably wonderful.


While the product is definitely effective, care should be taken while using it. People who suffer from some kind of medical condition, diarrhea or pregnant and nursing women cannot take it without professional medical advice. It triggers some pretty strong bowel movements which can make you rush to the toilet 3-4 times or even more in one day. Those who don’t take care of their diet and liquid intake can experience dehydration.

There are many 3 Ballerina Tea reviews out there, but this one was was precise, to the point and factual.

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