3 Benefits of Taking Green Tea Before Bed

The bounties of green tea remain no mystery to the average internet surfer. However most readers are not aware of the fact that drinking green tea before bed can yield some positively affective results.

The Importance of Drinking Green Tea

The various bioactive compounds, antioxidants and polyphenols present in the tea leaves boost the immune system within the body and reduce the risk of fatal diseases, like cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It also contains brain stimulants which ensure proper functioning of the brain.

What people also know is that green tea, if drank at proper times, boosts metabolism and helps in effectively burning fat, thereby rendering beautifying effects on the body, like loss of weight and a clear, healthy skin. It can even give you a bright and alluring smile by killing bacteria in the mouth and by taking care of your dental health.

How and When Should You Drink Green Tea

Before getting on to the subject of why you should take green tea before bed, you should know how to select the right green tea for yourself.

Green tea can be found in a great variety and under different names in the super market. it is essential that you find the right one for yourself; not only in terms of taste but of benefits as well.

Flavored green teas are quite popular but you must remember that health benefits hold more importance than the mere taste. You should select one that is not too hard on your taste buds but still has antioxidant properties.

Herbal teas are another variety within the green tea family and one that many people prefer since these are usually decaffeinated and therefore can be taken before bed to reap most benefits. Black tea is yet another form, however, due to lengthy processing stages, it might offer lesser benefits.

Why You Should Drink Green Tea Before Bed

Drinking green tea before bed can get you some good benefits; however you must choose a decaffeinated one and therefore selecting the right kind of tea is most important. But here are some benefits of taking green tea before bed.

1. It Helps You Relax

Since it has a relaxing agent present inside of it, the green tea will help in soothing your nerves and relaxing you. Both of these ingredients make for a good night’s sleep and a good sleep in the night directly means a fresher mind in the morning.

2. It Improves your Metabolism

Research has shown that sleeping soundly and adequately directly affects your body’s metabolism. And a healthy metabolic system ensures a body in good physical shape and a glowing skin. Sleeping for fewer hours can even lead to weight gain since the metabolism slows down. By taking the green tea in the night, you can ensure that the metabolism stays on the tract.

3. It Eliminates Waste

Eliminating waste buildup from the body is crucial and cannot be underestimated. Taking green tea in the night, after all meals are done is a way of ensuring that your body will be assisted in the removal of the wastes.

For these reasons, you must drink green tea in the night. If you want to purchase some right away, or your kitchen is empty, consider these:

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