5 Teas for Urinary Infection

Urinary infections are the most common diseases of urinary system and mostly affect women. Depends of causer, they can be very persistent and request long – term healing. Unfortunately, there are is not one hundred per cent of the protection of urinary tract infection, but because of that there are natural medicines that mitigate diseases and heal infection when it occurs.


Cranberry is very efficient in healing of different inflammations and infections, but these red berries are hit when is discovered their beneficial effect on inflammation of the urinary tract caused by E coli. This bacteria cling to the walls on the ureters, but due to effect of cranberries is prevented its sticking, so it is ejected from the body through urine easily

Preparation: In 0, 5 liter of water boil 30 g cranberries until half the liquid has evaporated.Add a spoon of honey and drink a cup of hot tea three times a day after meal.


Tea of parsley is excellent for cleaning organism and ejection of liquid excess, and in addition to this it is an excellent cure against urinary infections.

Preparation: one or two teaspoons of the dried leaves or root of parsley put in a cup of warm water and leave to stand for ten minutes. Strain and drink tea while it is still warm. Drink three cups a day after meal.

Corn silk

In the folk medicine corn silk is famous as an excellent tool for healing of inflammation of the ureters. Beside this, it is found that regularly drinking of this tea causes stone dissolution and eject of sand from the kidney.

Preparation: One spoon of dried threads of corn silk put in 3 dl of hot water. Cook for three minutes, cover, remove from heat, and leave to cool. Drink a cup of cooled tea three times a day.


Among all parts of birch the leaves are mostly used in medicinal purposes and because it has a strong diuretic effect. Especially, it is recommended for curing bacterial infections of the urinaty tract and in the urethritis. If you have problems with heart or kidneys, you must not drink tea from birch leaves before you consult your doctor.

Preparation: Teaspoon of dried leaves of birch pours with a cup of warm water, leave to stand for ten minutes, and then strain it. Drink four cups a day between meals. After tea necessarily drink a cup of water.

Uva Tea

Uva or Bear grape is plant that is used for curing of urinary infections. Green, leathery leaves have antibacterial effect and destroy bacterias and viruses.

Preparation: One spoon of dried leaves pour with 250 ml of boiling water, leave to stand for 15 minutes, strain and drink without sugar. Freshly prepared tea drink three times a day.

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