6 Natural Medicines Against Anemia

If you suffer from a lack of iron, try tea of nettle roots or leaves of a walnut. I’ll fix your a blood test.
Despite the fact that iron is one of the most prevalent elements in nature, about two billion people, mainly women and children suffer from anemia, iron deficiency in the blood, that were shown researches of the World Health Organization.

And where is not enough iron, there is no transport of oxygen to the cells, and thus there is no proper work of muscles, as well as biochemical reactions in an organism.

Certainly, as each other health problem, and anemia is cured under the supervision of a doctor, but natural medicines just accelerate the process of iron creation in organism. That is why we have extracted six of the best natural medicines along to help you to beat this disease.

Nettle tea

One small teaspoon of nettle leaves pour 2 dl of boiling water and leave it to stand for five minutes. Strain and drink tea while it is warmish.

The tea from four plants

Let you mix same quantities of nettle leaves, sage, thyme and mint. Teaspoon of this tea mixture pour with 2,5 dl of cold water, boil for one minute, and then leave to stand for five minutes. Strain, sweeten with honey and add lemon juice. You should drink two cups at least or about a half liter of this tea.

Horseradish tea

In one litre of water put 20g horseradish root and boil for about 20 minutes. Leave it to stand overnight, strain and drink two cups of tea a day, preferably between meals.

Tea walnut

Boil 20 g of fresh leaves of walnut for 15 minutes in one liter of water, then strain it. Drink one small cup a day before lunch.

Tincture of garlic

Clean up and wash 300g garlic, pour it with one liter of clean alcohol and leave to stand for three weeks. Drink 20 drops of tincture in which you added a half glass of milk.

Cocoa cream

Whisk 250g cocoa well, 250 g of brown sugar, 250 of g honey, 250 g of butter, 2 teaspoons of sea salt, 7 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Pour in the jars and take one spoon of cream three times a day.

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