Advantages of Green Tea

Green tea is drunk in China thousands of years, and its antioxidant influence is well known to many people. However, some other healing characteristics of this tea are unknown to many people. Let you know in which illnesses it can even help.
Medical has proved that green tea has a very positive impact on different functions in the organism, but even in acquiring healthy conditions. Most people drink this tea – that contains some compounds with antioxidant properties – usually, it is consumed as a common drink, just to quench thirst. However, it has some significant medical characteristics too.

Advantages of Green Tea

1. It has relaxing influence on sleeping. Also, it reduces stress and it is very good for all people who have problems with hypertension and insomnia. Because of these reasons we advice you to drink one cup of green tea before sleeping.

2. It is used as prevention of cancer. Some studies have shown that consumption of green tea prevents increasing some cells of cancer.

3. It reduces levels of cholesterol. A certain quantity of green tea can provide that your HDL and LDL level always be in normal and healthy balance.

4. People often think that excessive drinking of the tea can harm, but until this period no one could find any negative impacts if you drink more than 3 cups of green tea per day how was proposed till now.

5. With consuming this tea, it has shown that the risk of stroke or some any other illness has been reduced drastically. Of course, green tea is not the cure that will relieve you from stress completely, but it will strengthen your organism, and thus it will reduce the possibility of some illnesses.

6. Some researchers have shown that green tea even reduces the risk of diabetes.

7. Green tea speeds up your metabolism uniformly, thus you can use it if you want to lose weight. All people who want to lose weight and who start with diet are recommended to consume green tea regularly.

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