Apple Tea

Made from black tea with addition of apple flavors, apple tea is usually drunk in the winter days over a meal. Some people prefer drinking it alongside a snack in the afternoon. Apple tea is most commonly found in Turkey and in other countries Turkish culture had influence on. There are other various ways of drinking it, you can add spices and other fruits to enhance the flavor.

You can drink apple tea hot or as an iced tea. The ingredients found in apples and the spices used in apple tea are very beneficial for your health.

Some of the versions of apple tea can be found in stores. Some are in tea bags, others in form of powder. One of the most famous is the Hazer Baba Turkish Apple tea. Although the stuff you can buy in stores is fine, nothing can beat a well prepared homemade apple tea. There are several different ways of making it. Here is one of the best recipes you will ever find.

Apple tea recipe

Start by cutting two red apples into quarters, leaving the skin and seeds on. Combine that with an orange you’ve also cut into smaller pieces. Don’t forget to wash them. Organic are the best, but non-organic fruits are fine.

Add 4 cups of water with 1 stick of cinnamon (cinnamon and apple are one of best combinations which creates a perfect balance of flavor) and one or two cloves depending on your preference. Mix all of the ingredients together and bring the mixture to boiling temperature. When the water starts boiling you should turn the heat down and leave the tea on the stove until the fruits are tender. This should take about 20 to 25 minutes.

You can play around with flavors by adding black tea (people do this in Turkey as it is somewhat of a national drink), rose petals (they can add to the flavor and are also very rich in vitamins A, C, D, E and several types of vitamin B), or even hibiscus flowers (very rich in antioxidants, they also help people with high blood pressure problems).

All of these ingredients are easily found in your local supermarkets, so next time you’re out grocery shopping, think about making apple tea. If it didn’t turn out great the first time, try making it again. After all, practice makes perfect. In no time you will find yourself drinking and enjoying the perfect homemade apple tea.

Iced tea

Another way to drink apple tea is to cool it down in the fridge and drink it on a hot summer day. It is one of my favorite things to drink. Not only is it healthy, but its flavor is excellent. If you add some cinnamon, apple juice and honey in there, nothing beats the flavor.

Apple tea health benefits

A lot of studies over the years done by researchers have found that apple tea, although it tastes good is also very beneficial for your health. It contains phytonutrien, which protects you from developing prostate, colon, lung or liver cancer.

Some Finnish scientists indicate that apples reduce the risk of having a stroke. They have concluded that people who eat apples have less of a chance of dying from coronary illness. These are just some of the advantages you can have by including apple tea in your everyday diet. Some people though, that are allergic to plants from the Roseceae family should avoid drinking it.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women shouldn’t be drinking apple tea. It can even interfere with some of the medication you are taking.

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