Best Herbal Teas for Bronchitis

Bronchitis is one of the most frequent health issues which may develop in the first years of life, that is, in childhood.

Having in mind that bronchitis includes symptoms such as difficulties in breathing, suffocating and mucus in lungs, it’s very important to diagnose and treat it as soon as possible or it may become more severe and cause pneumonia.

It’s necessary to take medicines for bronchitis treatment prescribed by your doctor, but you can also include natural remedies, such as various kinds of herbal teas, since they can speed up the recovery.

Herbal teas enhance the mucus release from your lungs. When you expectorate the mucus, your air passages are clearing and you can breathe more easily.

It’s important to know that there are special herbal teas that are used for bronchitis treatment. You can’t use any kind of tea for this purpose.

Here are the herbal teas which are commonly used for bronchitis treatment.

Marshmallow root tea

Marshmallow root tea helps in treating bronchitis very effectively.

In order to make this tea you will need:

-A tablespoon of dried  marshmallow root (cut into very tiny pieces).

– 300ml of boiling water.


It’s very simple to make this tea. Add boiling water to the mentioned quantity of marshmallow root and let it steep for about 20 minutes in a teapot or in a dish covered with a saucer.

After 20 minutes, strain the tea and divide it into 3 equal portions, that is, 3 cups of 100 ml of the tea each. Drink the first cup in the morning after breakfast, the second one after lunch and the third one after supper.

You can add honey according to your taste.

Nettle leaf and root tea

In order to make this tea, you will need:

– 50g of dried nettle leaves (cut into very tiny pieces)

– 50g of dried nettle root (cut into very tiny pieces)

– 2l of boiling water.


Add nettle leaves and root into boiling water and then boil the mixture 5 minutes more. Let it steep and cool down for four hours. After four hours, warm up the amount of tea you want to drink and drink it. Do the same with the rest of the tea, which you should drink till the end of the day.

Onion, garlic and walnut tea

In order to make this tea, you will need:

-1 whole onion bulb (with the skin)

-1 garlic clove (with the skin)

– 1 walnut

– about 500ml of water

Wash the onion bulb (with the skin) thoroughly and then slice a bit its root in the form of a cross 5mm deep and add it to the water. Then add garlic (with the skin and washed thoroughly) and one walnut (crashed and with both the husk and the meat).

Cook the mixture until the amount of water reduces to a half, that is, until there is 250ml.

Then strain the tea and let it steep for about 30 minutes.

You should drink this tea two or three times a day.

You can drink this tea cold, so you don’t have to warm it up before consuming.

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