Best Teas for Sunburn

Although the best treatment for sunburns is avoiding them, this is not always possible. Once with the hot summer days, you would enjoy lying in the sun and you don’t even realize when your skin gets burnt by the pleasant and delightful sun. However, when the unfortunate happens, there are many ways to treat the sunburns. One of the best choices is treating sunburns naturally, with tea. There are some tea types that are considered to be the best for treating sunburns, so here you can see which they are.

Best Teas to Treat Sunburn

1. Green Tea. The green tea contains tannic acids, which help soothe sunburn pain. Also, its compounds protect your skin against radiations from the sun. Additionally to using the tea to apply on the burnt skin, you are also recommended to drink two cups of green tea every day, as it can help you by adding extra sun protection.

2. Black Tea. The black tea also contains tannic acid, which is one of the key components used in treating sunburns. Using black tea on your sunburnt skin helps to prevent the burn from blistering. Also, the tea will help you by removing the heat and pain from your burnt skin and will leave it with a warm glow. Applying black tea on your skin will help you get rid of the pain caused by the sunburns immediately.

3. Chamomile Tea. The chamomile tea is proven as a beneficial tea, as it has plenty of natural healing properties, which include cleanse, tone and soften, as well as balance the inflamed skin. For treating sunburns, chamomile tea needs to be brewed and apply externally on the skin. This helps softening and healing the sunburnt skin.

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Herbal Teas for Sunburns

Herbal teas are proven as one of the best natural treatment in sunburns, as they soothe, moisturize and heal the burnt skin. They are also easy to prepare and use at home, as amazing remedies for treating sunburns. Basically, you can moisten and apply the tea directly on the sunburnt skin, or you can add the tea to the bath water.

How to use teas for sunburns

Regardless of the type of tea you wish to use in order to treat your skin for sunburns, here are some steps that you need to follow:

* Brew a pot of tea with the tea of your choice

* Steep a clean cloth in the prepared tea

* Apply the cloth on the sunburnt areas of your skin


The best home remedy for sunburns is based on the use of different types of tea. Although the most common and highly efficient tea types that you can use to treat sunburns are green tea, black tea and chamomile tea, you can also use other types of herbal teas, including peppermint tea. Using tea for sunburns is a natural home remedy that helps you rapidly heal your skin and take away the pain caused by sunburns to your skin.

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