Black Tea for Hair

When it comes to the tea that is consumed most widely, the black tea is at the top. It is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant and is far more oxidized than the green, white and oolong teas. This means that it usually has a stronger flavor than the other varieties. Tea is good for the general health of the body as well as the hair health. In this article, we will look at how you can benefit from using black tea for hair.

Black tea is a great addition to any diet due to its many health benefits. Similar to other variety of tea, black tea has caffeine, proteins, amino acids, potassium, carbohydrates, minerals, fluoride manganese and polyphenols. There are also catechins, xanthine, purine, guanine, tannin and gallic esters. Polyphenols antioxidants are linked to many health benefits.

Since black tea has high amounts of caffeine and antioxidants it is said to be very beneficial for the health of the hair. You could add black tea to your hair care regimen to get damage free and stronger hair. Some of the different benefits are mentioned below.

Benefits of Using Black Tea for Hair

The caffeine in black tea helps to stimulate hair growth once it is used one time a month. This happens because blood flow would increase to radiate around your scalp and encourage improved growth from the hair follicles. Excessive use of the caffeine must be avoided.

In addition, the caffeine content will help in lowering Dihydrotestosterone or DHNT, a hormone in the scalp that would cause hair loss. Drinking the tea will help in increasing the thickness of your hair and reducing loss because the caffeine would block the DHT hormone to prevent shedding. It also adds shine as well as softens the hair.

Black tea will act as a natural dyeing agent for hair and is well-suited for women who want to remove grey or fading dyes from their brown or dark black hair. It has been proven to be very effective when it comes to dyeing hair because it contains caffeine as a natural ingredient.

While this is a good thing you need to be very careful when using the tea as the caffeine can stunt your hair growth. In addition to darkening your hair adding shine, the tea will bring out the natural highlights.

Best Black Tea for Hair:

When black is used as a rinse in your hair care regimen its dark hue will add luster, natural darkness and shine to your hair. For this purpose, you can add three tea bags to six cups of boiling water. The mixture can be kept at room temperature for an hour and then poured on your head. After that, you can use a towel to wrap your hair and then wash as normal after one or two hours.

You can enjoy many benefits if you drink black tea for hair as well as general health and well-being. Drink in moderate amounts to prevent side effects such as insomnia and digestive problems.

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