Black Tea with Milk

Are you one of those persons who love to drink black tea with milk? If so, you might be wondering if adding the milk will prevent you from enjoying all the beneficial effects of this tea.

Black tea is produced from the Camellia sinesis plant where the aged stems and leaves are utilized to make medicine.

When compared to other teas, it generally has more caffeine and a stronger in flavor. In foods, this tea is consumed as a cold or hot beverage. It is everywhere in nearly all kitchen cupboards and can be purchased in any supermarket.

There are many blends and varieties of black tea, so you can experiment with a number of choices until you find the one that you love. You could start with the English breakfast or Earl Grey if you enjoy drinking tea with a strong flavor. These are both excellent blends of tea, but you should not ignore the other flavors.

When it comes to most varieties, it is true that the tea will have a stimulating effect if it’s drawn for three minutes maximum. However, you will get a more intense flavor when the tea is steeped for a longer period.

How the black tea is enjoyed depends on one’s personal preferences or the country where they are living. For instance, the people in England and France drink black tea with milk, while it is served in Poland with one lemon slice. Black tea with a lot of sugar is a traditional drink that is served with dinners in Chile.

It is said that drinking black tea will help to improve mental alertness, in addition to learning, information processing and memory skills. Drinking this tea throughout the day will help to keep you alert even if you have not slept for extended periods.

It’s also used to prevent kidney stones, tooth decay, heart disease, heart attack, Parkinson’s disease and dizziness in older people. As for the Parkinson’s disease, studies show that individuals who drink beverages such as tea with caffeine have a lower risk of developing the condition.

Black tea is used to treat low blood pressure and headache as well as to reduce the risk of colon, stomach, lung, ovarian, and breast cancers. As it pertains to ovarian cancer, it appears that women who drink black tea regularly are significantly less likely to develop ovarian cancer when compared to the ones who drink it occasionally or none at all.

This tea is beneficial for type 2 diabetes, vomiting, stomach disorders, diarrhea, and increasing urine flow as well. When used with various other products it can be useful for weight loss.

It is important to note that you have to drink black tea without milk to maximize its health benefits. Several intriguing experiments show that drinking black tea with milk can interfere with its cardiovascular benefits.

If you are drinking the tea with skim milk it is even worse as this type reduces the antioxidant activities much more than the part-skim or whole milk.

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