Chamomile Herbal Tea

Chamomile (botanic name Matricaria chamomilla) originates from Eastern Europe and Near East, but now this healing plant is well known and widespread over Europe. Today chamomile is cultivated and growth largely as a wild plant in uncultivated fields. Whereas, this plant is available to everyone easily and is not expensive, but very often its healing substances of this plant are underestimated what is a big mistake, so that is the reason why we remind you that chamomile for Anglo – Saxons were one of seven saint plants. Old Egyptians have used chamomile as a cure against fever, rheumatism, sunstroke, insomnia, bad digestion. Today, this healing plant is most advisable to be used for curing stomach problems, inflammation, against stress and alergies. The name Matricaria chamomilla originates from Latin word “mother” as аn association that is used against sicknesses that affect women.

Chamomile healing effects

Now for those who may not know we will say that the healing part of this plant is flower and chamomile is harvested during the period of flowering in April and May. Folk medicine recommends chamomile for a wide spectrum of sicknesses and health problems such as: pain in stomach, bad digestion, various inflammations of the digestive tract, gastritis, cramps, painfull menstruations. Chamomile famous by its mild action very often is used for the children, and against cramps in stomach of babies.

Chamomile Tea benefits

Chamomile tea has relaxing effect, so it is useful for reduction of stress, against nervous agitation, psychological exhaustion, insomnia. Especially, it is recommended for mitigation insomnia in children. Preparation of chamomile tea is simple, one small teaspoon overflow with 2 decilitre of boiling water, leave to stand 5 minutes, then strain it and drink, preferably without sugar.

Chamomile is welcome for curing skin diseases, because encourages wound healing, mitigates inflammation and irritation. Often it is applied for gynecological flushing and flushing eyes.

Also, chamomile tea is useful for inhalation respiratory organs, colds, allergic rhinitis etc.

The chamomile should be used, as well as natural mean for care of beautifully. If we wash our face with chamomile tea only once a week we will have more beautiful and more groomed skin.

Rinsing with chamomile tea after washing hair, nurtures hair and gives to blond hair golden color and more beautiful shine.

Chamomile and milk are recommended as a cure against painful menstruations and as lining that is prepared when you one big spoon with chamomile flowers overflow with 2 decilitre of hot milk. After a few minutes you should strain, and when is still hot you should soak gauze or some other suitable fabric and keep it in the stomach.

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