Chocolate Tea

Many people enjoy teas and chocolate treats. If you like to indulge in these things, you will be pleased to know that they both contain healthy antioxidants and nutrients. This means that you could drink your chocolate tea without feeling guilty.

Chocolate teas generally get their taste from cocoa kernels. Few of them have a cocoa-like taste which comes from carob pods, a well-known chocolate substitute that is used in the Mediterranean. You can get medicinal benefits from chocolate and tea, especially if you are struggling with cardiovascular disease. Read below to find out how you can benefit from the green tea type as well as how to make a cup of tea with chocolate.

Green Tea Chocolate

There are many different types of green tea chocolates in Japan stores. Green tea powder, also called Matcha, has a unique bitter taste and it’s used typically when making tea for traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. This tea is very bitter and thick, but it goes really well with the traditional Japanese confectioneries which are extremely sweet. Matcha has beautiful and bright green color and it can be very expensive, especially if it’s of the ceremony quality. Thankfully, the culinary grade type is also good enough to make chocolates and baked items.

Green tea offers a healthy amount of antioxidants as well as cancer-fighting components. When it comes to the best chocolate tea, the matcha variety is rated highly because it offers more health benefits than any other green tea. This might come as a surprise, but the rich flavonoid dark chocolate tea will provide some of the health benefits that you would get from green tea. However, it’s best to consume it in moderation, because it’s high in calories and fat. The beneficial antioxidants in these foods will help to reduce your risk of having cancer, heart disease and mental decline.

How to Make Chocolate Tea

For this recipe you need three teaspoons of cocoa, three cups of milk, six sugar lumps and three cups of English breakfast tea.

First, put about one cup of the milk aside and heat the rest. Pour the milk in a saucepan to warm on medium heat while stirring continuously until it starts to boil. Add the cocoa gradually to blend with the cold milk and then add it to the boiling milk. After that, you can use a whisk to beat the mixture.

The next step is to make the tea, add it to the milk and then stir continuously over medium heat until it blends well. Leave the mixture to boil for 2 to 3 minutes.

The last step is to remove the tea from the stove, pour it inside a teapot and then cover. You can serve with a dash of chocolate sprinkles or a swirl of whipped cream.

You can check online for other chocolate tea recipe suggestions. This hot beverage is definitely the right choice if you love tea and chocolate and would like to enjoy both at the same time.

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