Chrysanthemum Tea Benefits

Chrysanthemum tea, a natural coolant, is known to offer a lot of benefits. This is why it was used in ancient Chinese to treat many medical conditions. Find out about the different Chrysanthemum tea benefits, possible side effects and more in the following article.

This tea is made from tisane, which is fresh or dried foliage and flowers from the yellow or white variety of chrysanthemum. It contains high amounts of β-carotene which is usually found in yellow fruits and herbs. This is a form of vitamin A that will help to address skin ailments, boost immunity as well as prevent advanced blindness and eye issues which relates to age. It has rich sources of B vitamin as well. This includes riboflavin that helps to facilitate slimming and prevent abnormal structural changes; choline that aids with fat metabolism; niacin that helps with the normal functioning of the systema nervosum and gastrointestinal tract and folacin that improves cell development and reproduction. Vitamin C is also present and this will prevent scurvy as well as act to protect you from common cold, eye diseases and other ailments.

In addition to the above, the organic chrysanthemum tea is packed with minerals such as calcium for teeth and bones, magnesium to help with many bodily operations, iron to transport oxygen by blood and potassium to help regulate blood pressure and cardiovascular function. It also has adenine, glycosides and various amino acids.

Now that you know about the chrysanthemum tea nutrition, you can take a look at some of its beneficial attributes.

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Chrysanthemum Tea benefits

It is antiviral in nature so drinking the tea can help to relieve your head congestion problems which are usually viral infections. This tea has proven to work effectively well in clearing head colds and relieving sinusitis pains. It will also fortify the lung to resolve respiratory conditions like shortness of breath.

Drinking this tea will also help to soothe sore throats as well as to cure dark spots around the eyes and itchy, red eyes or dry eyes.

This tea is a natural coolant so it can work wonders to reduce body temperatures and heat strokes. It has also proved to be useful in treating pimples and acne, in addition to stress headaches, minor toothaches and throbbing gum sensations.

Naturally, this tea lacks caffeine so it resistant to related side effects such as nervousness, irritability and anxiety.

The tea is used complementarily with treatments for blocked arteries or atherosclerosis and varicose veins. It can act as a liver detoxification and cholesterol level reducer as well.

Chrysanthemum tea has stimulating properties so it can be used to alert your senses and refresh your brain.

Side Effects

It is safe to drink this tea for the most part and you can also allow kids to enjoy it occasionally. However, it is important to know that some individuals develop skin allergies when they come in contact with the chrysanthemum plant sap, so you should not drink the tea if you notice any kind of reaction after touching the foliage, thorns or juice.

Chrysanthemum Tea Recipe

A simple recipe to make this tea is to brew it by steeping three to five grams in very hot water for five to seven minutes. From this, you can get a delightful flowery flavor that is very invigorating.

The recipe for chrysanthemum tea is often experimented with and the beverage is generally consumed during mealtimes to help with digestion. You could make the brew with a bit of cane sugar, honey or rock sugar, slivered Chinese licorice, orange wolfberries and ginger root.

Like the Chinese, you can use the chrysanthemum tisane where five to six flowers are added to hot water in a tall glass. This is then consumed after the dry buds start to look like fresh ones. You can add translucent rock sugar to the water for it to completely dissolve before boiling if you want a sweet taste. This mixture is hardly ever consumed completely at once because most people use about two thirds and then refill the glass with boiling hot water.

Chrysanthemum tea is a safe and healthy herbal beverage to drink instead of the carbonated, high calorie types.

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