Does Green Tea Burn Fat?

For thousands of years now, people have been using green tea for many benefits. This is because there are many beneficial components in this tea, including the thermo-genic properties. These cause your metabolism to increase or consume fuel a lot faster. So, does green tea burn fat? The body store fats as fuel so you could lose weight if your metabolism is using fat a lot faster.

Aside from the fact that green fights cancer, heart disease, and other diseases, there are also studies which show that it can burn off fat.

Green tea, black tea and oolong tea comes from Camellia sinensis plant. Unlike the other varieties, the leave of the green tea are not fermented prior to drying and steaming.

Most teas have high amounts of polyphenols, plant-based substances with anti-cancer, antioxidant and antiviral properties, but the green tea is especially rich in catechins, nutrients linked to increasing metabolism rate and promoting smaller waistlines.

According to research, drinking two to four cups of freshly brewed green tea every day can help you to burn off about fifty extra calories. Thanks to EGCG which is a compound that will speed up the metabolism temporarily after you sip the tea. EGCG will reduce the amount of fat or lipids that your absorbs when you eat. Ultimately, this will benefit your cholesterol level, aids in weight loss and promotes a healthy heart.

There was a study that was done and it showed where individuals drink a bottle of the fortified green tea extract daily for three months and lost more fat than the ones who consumed oolong tea on a regular basis. For this study, the researchers examine the effects that catechins have on fat reduction as well as weight loss. The candidates had similar body weights based on waist sizes and body mass index. They were divided in two groups with one set drinking the bottle of oolong tea with catchechins (22 milligrams) and other drinking the green tea extract with catechins (690 milligrams).

The candidates had the same breakfast and dinner meals throughout the testing period and they were told to control their intake of fat and calories at all times to ensure that the overall diets were identical.

After a three month period, the study showed where the persons who consumed the green tea extract were able to lose more weight of 5.3 pounds versus 2.9 pounds. They also experienced a significantly higher decrease in their waist size, BMI and overall body fat. Besides that, they had lower levels of the bad cholesterol.

Researchers state the results show that the catechins in this tea will help to burn calories, reduce LDL cholesterol as well as burn off body fat. These results indicate that catechins will help to prevent and improve various diseases which relate to lifestyle, especially obesity.

It is important to point out that the catechin in green tea varies by the amount used and the steeping time. The general recommendation is to have at least four cups daily.

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Drinking green tea will also create a full feeling as well, so it is a very efficient appetite suppressant. You will get to focus on eating healthier if your body is not craving constantly for foods.

If you want to get the best results, you can replace your daily coffee with green tea. This tea can help to kick-start the metabolism and help you to burn off more calories throughout the day. You should avoid a lot of fillers because things like milk, honey and sugar can add calories to tea and counteract with the weight loss properties.

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