Green Tea Bath

It is already known that green tea affects good on the organism, but what do you think, instead of drinking it, make a bath. Here’s why.
Traditionally, the graces of tea are best able to take advantage with drinking, but so called emotional benefit is something else. It’s about to let them to absorb the best properties of herbs even through the skin, hypnotic senses, relaxing the body. Some people believe that in this way absorb all treasure completely.

Green tea contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and has antibacterial properties.

Main antioxidant of green tea EGCG (epigallocatechin3-gallate) is 100 times more effective than vitamine C and 25 times than vitamine E. Also, tea contains tannins which narrow pore.

But why bath of green tea?

The skin is an organ and its the most important function to play role of protector from many diseases, but also from harmful substances from the environment, from UV rays. It is known that everything what we put on the skin it absorbs, reacts with that substance. We believe that now you don’t wonder why green tea is a good choice for bath.

To prepare a bath of green tea you need 6 pouches of green tea that you have to put in the bath with hot water at 10 to 20 minutes. Water will get a golden brown color, and that means antioxidants and vitamins are moved from tea to your bath. Remove pouches of tea and adjust the temperature of water (add colder water if is necessary).

You can add a half cup of olive oil in the bath. It contains antioxidants that can soften your skin and it is especially suitable for those who have dry skin. Relax in your bath at least 30 minutes.

Researches show that green tea can help in prevention of skin cancer. Tannins in the tea can not only heal burns and stop bleeding, but also to prevent infections.

Natural antiseptic properties help in reduction of swelling and itching, but in faster healing cuts, bites, hemorrhoids, rashes, pimples.

It is interesting that in in Japan there are some special pools with bath of green tea. In the same way you can prepare a bath for feet, of course with lower quantities of tea and water. (It is advisable to add a few drops of oil peppermint).

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