Green Tea for Acne

Green tea is great for our health, and that includes our skin. It has been known for a long time that green tea has potent antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties, all of which are very useful in fighting off infections, inflammations and other ailments which can harm our skin.

Catechins are perhaps the substances which contribute to our skin’s health the most out of all substances found in green tea. Especially important one is named epigallocatechin gallate, or shorter EGCG. This substance is said to be stronger as many as 25 to 100 times than vitamins C and E. Amino acids found in green tea, theanine in particular, are also very important in warding off harmful bacteria which are the leading cause for acne development.

In addition to being very good for your skin, green tea is said to be able to help with numerous other ailments. Although there are some side effects to prolonged and extensive use of green tea, the benefits far outweigh these, so it is definitely worth giving a chance. Of course, you should do some research and perhaps consult a doctor to see what would be the perfect dosage for you, if and when should you stop using green tea and what are possible side effects you may experience.

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Here is a list of benefits green tea brings for our skin:

1. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, reducing scars and rashes formed because of certain skin conditions.
2. It acts as an anti-bacterial agent, killing off harmful bacteria which are the leading cause of acne development.
3. It keeps certain hormones in check, disallowing them to wreak havoc on your skin. Green tea’s beneficial effect on hormone regulation is not limited to skin, but goes even further, helping protect the body from other disorders caused by abnormal hormonal activity. It goes as far as preventing cancer development.
4. It regulates insulin and blood sugar levels. Scientists have confirmed that there is a connection between carbohydrate levels and proneness to certain skin conditions.
5. It is a rich source of antioxidants which are essential for the organism to keep functioning normally. They are very important because they are the primary line of defense against free radicals, which do not just attack skin cells, but every other cell in human organism. There are many types of antioxidants and green tea is among the best suppliers of these substances.

Application methods

There are many ways to use green tea when it comes to skin care. The simplest one is to make tea and drink it. You can drink it hot or iced. However, most people agree you need to drink a lot of it to notice any effects. Usual recommended doses are three to six cups a day. If making green tea is too much of a hustle for you, you can opt to use green tea capsules, just like you would any other supplement.

Another popular way to use green tea to treat your skin is topical application. You can use it as an ingredient in your facial mask, or you can simply put a wet green tea tea-bag on your face and keep it there for a few minutes before wiping your face off. Another way to use it is in form of ointments. You can even use it instead of water when you want to rinse your face off. That’s the great thing about topical use of green tea, you can experiment quite a bit, and include or exclude other ingredients. Some people claim green tea works even better in conjunction with some other ingredients, honey and fish oil for example.

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