Green Tea with Honey

Green tea and honey perfectly complement each other. Taste and scent of this blend is marvelous and it offers many health benefits as well. It can be used in various ways – as hot or iced tea, as tincture, as an ingredient in bubble baths, for face masks or soaking linen in it and applying to wounds and irritated areas of the body…

Health benefits

A warm cup of green tea with honey can ease symptoms of cold, flu and fatigue. The steam from the tea allows easier breathing by opening nasal passages. Adding honey to green tea will greatly help you if you have sore throat.

Laboratory tests indicate that some polyphenols found in green tea may help prevent prostate, colon and skin cancer. Several studies have shown that EGCG, an active substance in green tea, stopped further development of cancer by restricting blood flow to abnormal cells. However, most of the studies were conducted on animals and cell cultures in laboratory conditions and further research is needed for complete confirmation on relation between green tea and cancer.

Green tea also has effect on regulation of body mass. Consuming green tea rich in catechin leads to reduction of body fat and LDL (bad cholesterol). Caffeine effect should be accounted for as well, since green tea contains it, albeit in much smaller quantity than coffee. Still, caffeine boosts metabolism which gives the body increased ability to burn fat. But don’t forget, honey contains calories, so it’s important to buy unprocessed raw honey to experience the full effect. Don’t make the same mistake most people do, green tea with honey means more than just sum of its components. While green tea and raw honey are beneficial for weight regulation on their own, mixed together they are even more potent.

Best Green tea with honey

Green tea and honey face mask

This is a simple do-it-yourself mask. It doesn’t get easier than this. Simply mix moistened green tea leaves with honey to form a paste. Coat your entire face with it and let it sit for around fifteen minutes, then wash it off with warm water.

Ingredients of this face mask are rich in antioxidants, which are great for neutralizing skin redness and preventing appearance of blackheads. It also has a nice, fresh scent, which can never be a bad thing. This is a very affordable beauty regimen and if applied long enough, it should provide you with a glowing complexion.

Advice regarding green tea with honey

You should take care when you make green tea with honey. There are some mistakes you can make which would make your tea less beneficial for your health. First, don’t use processed honey as it can have negative effect on weight regulation. Always use raw honey. Second, don’t add the honey to boiling hot water or tea. That will initiate chemical reactions with some of the substances in it and make it lose its precious health benefits. Only add honey when tea has reached lukewarm temperature.

Also, don’t put green tea leaves in boiling water. First boil the water, then let it cool for just two to three minutes and only then put the leaves in. After you added honey and green tea leaves, cover the top so the steam can’t get out. Don’t leave the leaves to sit for more than five minutes or the tea will get a bitter taste.

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