Hibiscus Tea for Weight Loss

Tea made out of the beautiful hibiscus flower is one of the healthiest in all nature. In addition to lowering blood pressure, it has a strong effect on weight loss. We reveal more…

Red flowers rich in nutrients, flavonoids and minerals grow on hibiscus trees. They are used to make wonderful tea with a fruity aroma which is popular all over the world.

Amylase inhibitor

Hibiscus tea is an amylase inhibitor, including faseolamine which influences the way body absorbs fats and carbohydrates. Amylases are body enzymes which break sugar complexes and starch, therefore reducing absorption of carbohydrates. Faseolamine is also located in beans. Research has shown that bean extract helps with weight loss and upkeep of muscle mass.


Research has shown that hibiscus flowers have diuretic properties which can help with flatulence. That is they contain a high amount of electrolytes of potassium, calcium and vitamin C which have a big effect on flatulence problems.


Antioxidants which are located in hibiscus tea have a positive impact on heart and general human health. They have an important role in cleansing the body and removing fat. In addition to that, they protect the heart and blood vessels from damage caused by oxidants. Research has shown that hibiscus lowers elevated blood pressure as well.


Hibiscus is also rich in bioflavonoids such as proanthocyanidins which can also be found in grape seed extract. These bioflavonoids lower cholesterol levels, improve circulation and protect cells from harmful effect of free radicals. Experts say hibiscus tea helps with weight loss not only because it improves overall health, but also because it accelerates metabolism and improves nutrient absorption.

Side effects

Side effects of consuming hibiscus tea are largely unknown and it is recommended to most people.

However, it is not recommended to pregnant women because some studies have shown that it can induce menstruation, which can lead to spontaneous miscarriage.

Side effects for wet nurses are unknown, but just to be on the safe side, avoid hibiscus tea during this period of your life.

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