Honey and Lemon Tea

Everyone knows honey and lemon juice are often used as supplements for all types of tea. However, a slice of lemon and some honey in a cup of warm water are a great drink on their own as well. There are many health reasons for you to start drinking honey and lemon tea. Lemon is rich in vitamin C and is a great antiviral remedy and honey is rich in nutritious and beneficial substances and is great against infections. Not to mention their taste and aroma blend perfectly with each other.

Here are some of the benefits this beverage could bring to your health:

1. Digestion improvement – lemon stimulates the liver to produce more bile and adds to the acidity of your stomach. It helps the body to remove toxins and acts as an antibacterial and antiviral agent. It also helps fight of infections.

2. Stomach cleansing – over time inner lining of our stomach becomes coated with undigested food, dead bacteria and intestinal cells. Drinking honey and lemon tea stimulates the intestinal walls to expulse this buildup matter.

3. Constipation removal – by stimulating the bowels this drink directly encourages passing of motion. It also helps with production of intestinal mucus, hydration of the colon and infusion of water with dried stool.

4. Lymphatic system cleansing – dehydrated lymphatic system can be cause for development of many illnesses. Lack of essential fluids and water can make you feel sluggish and fatigued, lead to constipation or insomnia, irregular blood pressure, stress and mental dysfunction. Drinking honey and lemon tea early in the morning will prevent all these and improve your immunity along the way.

5. Energy and mood boost – honey in this mix acts as an energizer with an added bonus of consuming less calories. Lemon scent is known to be a natural relaxant. It’s then clear why this mixture is great for boosting energy and improving mood.

6. Diuretic properties – honey is a great antibacterial agent and has capacity to beat many types of infections. When honey is mixed with lemon and warm water, which are natural diuretics, you get a great remedy for cleansing your urinary tract. This concoction is especially recommended for people who suffer from frequent urinary tract infections. If you drink it regularly, it will keep recurrent infections away.

7. Oral hygiene – lemon is great for maintaining health of your mouth, gums, teeth and tongue, which is why lemon extract is often an ingredient in dental products. Its acidic nature kills offensive bacteria and negates bad breath. When mixed with honey and warm water, it thoroughly cleans your mouth cavity and rinses of the white film on top of your tongue formed by decaying food and bacteria.

8. Weight loss help – a fiber type called pectin which can be found in lemon induces feeling of being well fed and keeps food cravings at bay. Additionally, honey and lemon tea creates a more alkaline atmosphere in your stomach which can help you lose weight.

9. Skin care – lemon has many beneficial properties when it comes to skin health, which is why it’s often used in beauty products. However, honey also provides a unique rejuvenating, antibacterial and collagen properties.

Honey and lemon tea tips

It’s best to drink it in the morning. You can brush your teeth before or after. Don’t use hot water, use warm water. Hot water will destroy vitamin C and many other healthy substances and it will have a negative impact on health benefits this concoction can provide.

Just take a tall glass of warm water, add juice from half a lemon or a whole slice and a teaspoon of honey. Mix the ingredients well and drink before water cools.

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