Japanese Green Tea

Japanese green tea is made in its own unique way as the tealeaves are steamed in order to stop fermentation. The green tea leaves are classified as matcha, sencha, kukicha, gyokuro and other varieties, depending on the way the leaves are cultivated, the positions on the plant, how they are processed and dried as well as how long they were steamed.

You can enjoy many benefits if you drink the Japanese green tea powder. This tea has been used in not only Japan, but also in China for centuries for medicinal purposes and good health. The people in Japan drink green tea several times a day, both at home and in restaurants. Read on further to know what this tea can do for you.

Benefits of Drinking Japanese Green Tea

Strengthen the immune system: It is said that this tea can help to strengthen your immune system. Although this claim is not proven scientifically, there are studies to back it up partially. Supposedly, the strengthening of immune system will help with the prevention of disease.

Clear skin: When you drink this green tea it will help in clearing your skin of blemishes, spots and wrinkles. This happens because of its antioxidant effect. Whenever too much oxygen causes damage to the skin, a chemical in the green tea will help to counteract this effect to give you clearer, cleaner and younger looking skin.

Weight loss: The green tea is best-known in Japan as an aid for weight loss from the first time it was consumed. Many people in Japan and China have been using it for this purpose and now the practice is catching on in other countries. It helps with weight loss because of two natural substances called Chatechin and Polyphenol. One of the substance works to burn calories and absorb fat, while the other provides more energy and boost the metabolism. You have to drink the tea several times daily for it to be effective.

These are just the main benefits as there are many more, including the fact that it helps to lower cholesterol and strengthen bones.

The Best Japanese Green Tea

Japanese consumers are well-known for being extremely conscious about good quality, which is especially true when it comes to green tea. Nearly half of the green tea that is consumed in Japan is made in the Shizuoka region today. When asked, most of the Japanese will tell you that the best green tea is from Shizuoka.

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The Matcha Japanese green tea is another high quality beverage. Even though it was introduced originally by the Chinese, it has been a part of the Japanese culture for years as they have mastered the art of preparing it. The premium Matcha powder is celebrated in Japanese as they focus heavily on preparing, serving and drinking the tea.

Overall, the organic Japanese green tea has special properties to provide health benefits which include preventing the cells from aging. Green tea is definitely the key for living a healthier and longer life.

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