Kombucha Tea Health Benefits

Are you yet to enjoy the Kombucha tea benefits? Like most teas, this type is associated with several benefits as it’s an alleged remedy or cure all for most aliments. Read on below to know more.

What is Kombucha Tea?

Kombucha tea is a drink that is fermented with tea, yeast, bacteria and sugar. It is called kombucha mushroom tea sometimes, but the kombucha is not really a mushroom. It’s a group of yeast and bacteria. After it’s fermented, the tea contains B vitamins, vinegar, and many other chemical compounds.

Kombucha mushroom tea origins can be traced back a few hundred years to Russia. The word itself is of Japanese origin and is used in reference to kelp derived tea. The shredded or powdered kelp derived beverage is not similar to the Kombucha mushroom tea that is available nowadays. In fact, no fermentation process was used for the original Kombucha tea and it did not consist of tea leaves or other parts. The taste was also different as it was a bit salty.

Kombucha Tea Benefits

There have been many reports over the years about the health problems that the Kombucha Tea can help to treat. This includes skin problems, hair loss, high cholesterol or blood pressure, and more. The tea’s health benefits are also attributed to boosting the immune system, improving liver and digestive functions as well as preventing cancer.

It is important to point out that there is no actual verification of these claims, but many Kombucha Tea aficionados have been supporting the results for years.

Kombucha Tea Online:


It is not so easy to prepare Kombucha tea. Besides that, finding the Kombucha tea or the Kombucha mushroom is nearly impossible as they are not readily available in the tea shops. You have to find the actual Kombucha mushroom culture to grow the key ingredient. There are many shops online that supplies all the necessary ingredients and tools. Just ensure that you do your research and you are only buying from the reputable sources.

When preparing Kombucha tea, you will need five ingredients. This includes the water, sugar, tea, vinegar or starter tea and a Kombucha scoby or mushroom. Bear in mind that the type of sugar, water and tea that you use is very important. You also need real tea or camellia sinensis to get nitrogen and minerals when brewing the Kombucha. Many varieties are available such as black, white, oolong, pekoe, Darjeeling and green. The type that you choose to brew the Kombucha tea can have an effect on the scoby health and the taste of the finished brew.

Considering its source, this tea has a taste that is surprisingly pleasing and sweet. It is compared to apple cider, fizzy and carbonated. Like any other fermented drink, the taste can differ if it has a lot of one ingredient or if the fermenting was too long. It’s easy to get a tea that tastes too sweet or vinegary.

Let’s take a look at the Green Tea Kombucha.

Green Tea Kombucha

Green teas are mixed commonly with black teas to brew the Kombucha beverage, but it can be used alone as well. The green tea offers most of the vital nutrients and it can be combined with herbal or black teas. When it’s used in Kombucha the green teas usually brew a little quicker than the black tea and will give a lighter color and a softer taste. The jasmine green tea can make a delicious tasting Kombucha.

Overall, it is always best to use good judgment when consuming and brewing Kombucha tea as you should avoid any type that smells, looks or tastes unpleasant.

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