Mint Tea Recipe

A refreshing cup of mint tea can brighter anyone’s day, even if it’s the worst one ever. If you want to know how to make this beverage, you can check the internet for mint tea recipe suggestions.

Mint tea is actually an herbal tea or tisane. Mint comes from the Lamiaceace, a flowering plant family with different species such as spearmint, catnip and peppermint. Unlike other teas, you can enjoy your mint beverage anytime because it does not contain caffeine. This tisane can be made with sweetener or without flavoring. No matter how or when you make it, fresh mint tea is a flavorful and versatile beverage to have at home.

You can grow mint easily in a garden or inside a window box container. It’s best to plant varieties such as Spearmint or Chocolate Mint in a garden because these will grow easily. Peppermint, Apple Mint or Bowles Mint will be the ideal choice to plant in a container. When you grow your own, you are able to enjoy homemade mint tea at any time of the year.

If you are brewing this tea during the holidays, you can spice it up with some aromatics such as allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ginger. You could also make this versatile beverage during the summer and serve with a lot of crushed ice, a bit of lemon and some fresh honey.

How to Make Mint Tea

* Boil four cups of water in a tea pot or kettle and then put one cup of the fresh mint leaves inside.

* Once the boiling water covers the mint leaves, you should leave the brew to steep for ten minutes.

* After that, you could serve the tea right away or put it inside the refrigerator to chill and enjoy as iced mint tea.

At this point it’s worth mentioning that chocolate mint will make the best fresh herbal beverage that you ever had. You could make the pure chocolate mint tea that is steeped in just boiling water or a hot brew with a little more flavor and cream. Adding a couple of tablespoons of the chocolate flavored soy milk will give you a delicious tasting hot mint chocolate tea.

This beverage can satisfy your cravings for chocolate and give you a healthy and low calorie fix. You should know that you can use chocolate mint to make more than just a hot herbal tea. When added to mint iced tea, the chocolate will give a boost of flavor that will ignite your senses. This beverage will also be a good complement for your dinner meals.

Many people have been drinking mint herbal teas for a number of years to benefit from its recuperative powers. It is said that drinking mint tea can help to give relief from a number of ailments as well as to brighter gloomy or sad days. The fact that this beverage has a great taste helps to make the drinking experience a lot more satisfying. You can start making mint tea today!

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