Nettle Tea Health Benefits

Stinging nettle is a shrub that belongs to the genus Urtica and originates in the colder regions of Asia and Europe. It is now found in other places worldwide. This plant is named after the fine hairs on its stems and leaves which releases irritating chemicals once they contact the skin. Many have been using the plant as an herbal medicine for years because it contains a variety of biologically active compounds which can offer a number of health benefits. Keep reading if you are interested in knowing more about nettle tea health benefits.

Research shows that nettle tea is packed with a myriad of vitamins and minerals. These include Vitamins K, E, D, C, A, B (riboflavin B2 and thiamine B1) as well as phenolic tannins. The minerals include calcium, copper, chromium, iron, cobalt, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, silicon, zinc and sulfur. Its deep green foliage also contains high amount of β-carotene and chlorophyll. The benefits of the stinging nettle tea cannot be underrated and they range from treating allergies, relieving joint pain to curing women’s problems and strengthening the immune systems.

What Is Nettle Tea Good For?

First of all, this tea is a diuretic so it can help the body to release unnecessary and increased levels of uric acid as well as bacteria, which in turn restricts the risks of urinary tract infections. It will act as a renal detox as well to dilute any kidney stones, purify the blood and wash metabolic and toxic wastes from the system.

Nettle tea can limit the activity of DHT or dihydrotestosterone, an androgenic testosterone hormone. This helps to harness adverse conditions like prostate gland enlargement.

The nettle leaf tea extract is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and it limits the activity of cytokines that induce pain and inflammation in joints. This tea is known for alleviating arthritic pain and gout in rheumatism patients. Besides that, the nettle leaves prevents the production of prostaglandins chemicals which can induce inflammation.

Nettles have glycoproteins lectins which acts like antibodies, even though they are not. These lectins can fight off and neutralize the toxic antigens inside the body.

Some of the best nettle teas online:

There are high amounts of iron nettle and this can be quite beneficial for persons with anemia, iron deficiency. It helps with red blood cells regeneration by assisting the body to create sufficient RBC hemoglobin. The iron content also contributes to nettle tea pregnancy benefits. Besides that the vitamin K content can boost blood clotting and help to reduce the risk of excessive bleeding in childbirth and the possible chances of newborn hemorrhaging. This is why pregnant women are advised to drink generous amounts of the nettle tea, especially in the last few months.

Nettle tea can help to eradicate worms from the enteral tract by working as an intestinal wash. The body’s combating and resistive abilities will increase in the process.

This tea is also good for allergies. Many people have gotten relieved from cat allergy as well as other conditions such as eczema and the respiratory allergies like sinusitis, rhinitis and asthma. It will clear up the respiratory tracts to help release phlegm from the body and treat chronic diseases which relate to the bronchi mucus membranes.

When you drink nettle tea, it will also help to treat diarrhea as well as relieve any pain that is caused by the venous excrescence inside or at the anal sphincter. This is known as piles or hemorrhoid.

You can also enjoy nettle tea hair benefits. This tea is a trusted method that is used to encourage the regrowth of hair and reduce hair loss. It is also believed that nettle can improve the hair condition by providing the follicles with minerals and vitamins that can produce healthier and stronger hair.

Other benefits include boosting cardiac, splenic, hepatic and pancreatic health, lowering blood sugar as well as treating chronic headaches and diabetics.

Stinging nettle tea is generally considered safe, but it can cause slight stomach upsets as well as interact with some medications. Allergic skin rash is also one of the other possible nettle tea side effects. You should also exercise caution and consult your doctor before drinking the tea as an herb to self-treat any medical condition.

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