Pu-erh Tea and Losing Weight

Compared to popular green, black and oolong tea, pu-erh tea isn’t well known. However, the Chinese have used it since ancient times to aid them in their efforts to lose excess weight. The modern world has just started catching up on the benefits Pu-erh tea brings.

It first started being cultivated over two thousand years ago in a small Chinese village of Pu-erh, which is where it got its name from. Traveling merchants used to compress it for easier transportation through China and its many provinces. Nowadays, there are many ways of storing pu-erh. Some of those are in form of fresh tea leaves, rolling tea leaves, drying tea leaves, piling tea leaves…

After being picked, pu-erh undergoes partial sun drying, after which it starts fermenting. It’s believed that fermentation is the key factor that gives pu-erh incredible weight loss stimulant properties.

Effects on health

Studies have shown that pu-erh aids with cholesterol reduction, hypertension lowering, toxin removal, and protection against heart diseases. Notably, it also has a great effect on healthy weight loss. French ARMA Medical Research Association did very important and informative research on this subject. They have reported that out of 350 participants in their experiment, 299 of them have lost excess weight simply by adding one cup of pu-erh tea daily to their normal diet. Recorded weight loss was from five to ten pounds over a two-month period.

Research has shown that pu-erh also stimulates the spleen. A healthy spleen helps digest and absorb nutrients and remove excess fluids. A dysfunctional spleen will lead to amassing of fluids which will eventually turn into fat. A weak spleen can lead to imbalanced fatigue, blood sugar and weight issues.

The best ways to implement pu-erh into your diet

You should know that losing a lot of weight in a short period of time cannot be healthy. You should do it in small, gradual steps. Instead of aiming to lose a lot of it as quickly as possible, you should make adaptations to your diet which will slowly lead to fulfilling your goals in a healthy way.

Using pu-erh to lose weight, like all other traditional methods, requires persistence and determination. You will not notice results in an instant. Instead, you will experience gradual improvement of your energy levels, overall well-being and last but not least, weight loss.

Try to limit yourself to eating only healthy food such as salads, fruit, and vegetables and make your meals smaller than they used to be. Try to restrain from having supper. Once you reach your desired weight, slowly return to your old diet, but try to keep healthy habits you gained during the diet and restrain from bad habits you had before. Keep drinking pu-erh tea during and after reaching your goal. This, in short, is what pu-erh diet is all about.

Does drinking pu-erh make you feel hungrier?

There are people who claim they feel hungrier after drinking pu-erh tea. This doesn’t make sense at first, does it? If you want to lose weight, why would you want something that will make you feel hungrier? There’s a heated debate over this and whether pu-erh affects your appetite and carbohydrate cravings.

Feeling hungry may come from pu-erh accelerating metabolic and digestion rate. This directly affects weight loss! Some foods are digested faster and some are digested slower. If you constantly feel hungry after drinking pu-erh, you should increase your intake of healthy fats, such as Omega-3s, coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil and avocado itself. This will aid in feeling sated. As you can see, it won’t be easy, but easy ways to lose weight are a myth.

Pu-erh tea is simply great to be drunk when you’re following a strict weight-reduction diet. It will unquestionably help you digest your food quicker and easier and bring a unique effect that will go hand-in-hand with your diet and weight loss efforts.

Replacing liquids in your diet is the easiest way to implement pu-erh. And again, don’t try to lose too much weight too fast. About one pound weekly is the approximate maximum of what is healthy.

When to drink pu-erh to efficiently lose weight?

Knowing when is the best time to drink pu-erh tea is very important if you want to lose weight efficiently. It is generally agreed on that the best time would be one hour after a meal. This should help digest hard fats and reduce the amount of fat retained and stored in form of fat deposits.

There’s a rumor that drinking pu-erh shortly before meals will actually cause the opposite of desired effects – causing weight gain instead of weight loss. However, there is no solid ground in research that would support this rumor.

To achieve the best possible results, in addition to following a healthy diet and exercising frequently, you should use pu-erh on its own. That means no forms of liquid sugar or other liquid calories and, ideally, no drinks except water.

If you can manage to do this, you will notice you’re losing weight faster than those who don’t follow this advice. Best of luck in your efforts!

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