Pu erh Tea Health Benefits

Pu-erh tea is well-respected in China as a conventional medicinal beverage with numerous health benefits. This tea has unique aroma and flavor that is loved by many. Continue reading this article if you want to know more about the Chinese Pu erh tea health benefits.

The Pu-erh tea, known also as Po lei or Puer, is named after a city in South Western China. It is also referred to as a Medicinal tea and a Wonder Tonic that has been extremely popular in China for decades. Pu erh is actually a type of black tea that goes through a special fermentation process which often takes thirty to forty days or at times years or decades. As a result, it has a unique flavor and certain health benefits which are not present in the other types of tea.

Over the years, this type of Chinese tea has been renowned for its unique capacity to go through a post fermentation method for advanced aging. Similar to classic wines, the process used for the aged Pu erh tea allow the fine brews to develop even more character whilst shedding its youthful components. For most collectors, the continuous evolution is extremely exciting because they are able to follow the transformation of fine teas very closely year after year. Many believe that the tea gets the health benefits as well as its growing popularity for being a traditional medicinal brew with restorative powers from the active microbes.

Organic Pu-erh tea has medicinal and restorative properties which are truly amazing. This is why it’s many health benefits and high value has led to high demands for the product.

Pu erh Tea Health Benefits

Throughout Chinese history, there have been many accounts of the medicinal uses and health benefits of the Pu-erh tea. It is strongly believed to offer wide ranging benefits which includes preventing cancer and heart disease, slowing down the aging process, controlling diabetes, removing toxins, curing dysentery, aiding digestion, inflammation, blood circulation, improving eyesight, and helping highly intoxicated persons.

The antioxidants in Pu’erh might also make it very useful when it comes to treating tumors. Studies show that this tea has similar amounts of antioxidant activities as the oolong, black and green teas.

It is believed that long term use of Chinese Pu-erh tea will help to lower high cholesterol levels and blood pressure. The Pu-erh tea that is produced from the wild old trees is believed to be more potent with strong Qi or life energy that will help with blood circulation as well as the removal of harmful toxins.

In conventional Chinese herbalism, this type of tea is seen as a brew that can open up the meridians, be very beneficial to digestion and blood cleansing and warm up the stomach and spleen. For these reasons, it’s often consumed right after heavy meals or drinking as a hangover preventative and/or cure.

It is customary for many traditional Chinese restaurants to serve Pu-erh tea along with delicious dishes which are high in fat. This is because of its ability to breakdown the fatty and oily food and help with digestion. It is believed that drinking the tea right after a heavy meal will help to clean your stomach and intestines. In addition to that, the Pu-erh tea is consumed in certain areas as a slimming tea as well as a drink that can help with weight loss.

All in all, the Pu-erh tea has a range of aroma and taste that is extremely compelling and sometimes uncompromising. The wide spectrum of aromas and taste are exceptionally varied, so you can find fine teas which range from lightly floral, heather, fruits and honey to harsh peat, organics, leather, grass, wood, deep earth and tobacco. There are additional resources available if you need more information on Chinese Pu erh tea health benefits.

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