Raspberry Leaf Tea in Pregnancy

Many midwives have been touting the benefits of using herbal remedies during pregnancy for centuries now. Raspberry leaf tea is one of the herbal remedies being used widely during the gestation and the delivery. Reports show that women are using raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy on a wide scale throughout South and North America, Europe and China. It is said to be a cure-all for many symptoms from morning sickness to leg cramps. It’s accepted widely as one of the safest herbal remedies as well.

Raspberry Leaf Tea in Pregnancy

You can buy raspberry tea leaves at health food stores in loose or tea bag forms. The easiest way to drink it is by making an herbal tea. Another option is to use the raspberry leaf to make iced tea in the summer months to cool down during pregnancy. Like most women, you can drink this herbal tea all through your pregnancy and go right up to childbirth for good reason.

Reasons to Drink Raspberry Leaf Tea during Pregnancy

This herbal tea has high concentrations of nutrients such as B vitamins, calcium, iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and numerous minerals, including potassium and phosphorous. In addition to that, the raspberry leaf contains alkaloid fragrin that will have a direct effect on your uterus. This substance will help to strengthen your uterine wall, to relax the smooth muscle as well as to make your childbirth a lot easier by aiding in the contraction of your uterus.

Drinking this herbal tea from earlier in your first trimester can help to prevent miscarriage as well. There is also a common misconception that the tea can help to induce labor. For most women, it might seem unusual to drink raspberry leaf tea in the latter stages of their pregnancy largely because it is an acquired taste, but the long term benefits will significantly overshadow the short term discomfort.

Most physicians recommend that you start to drink this tea at about thirty-two weeks and continue to the birth. So far, there are no official reports about side effects but some women state that they experience nausea, diarrhea and more Braxton-Hicks contractions after drinking the tea.

When you make the decision to drink raspberry leaf tea, you should check out the different varieties. The Red leaf tea comes highly recommended for pregnant women.

Best Red Raspberry Leaf Tea for Pregnant Woman:

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea for Pregnant Woman

This is one herbal tea that every pregnant or non-pregnant woman must have in the kitchen. Red Raspberry leaf is known for treating many illnesses such as the flu, rubella, gum disease, upset stomach, diarrhea, hangover, fevers, inflammation, menstrual problems, vomiting and more. However, the most popular use is by women during pregnancy.

Red Raspberry leaf is one of the most important herb tonics to use during your pregnancy. This tea is not actually made from the raspberry fruits. It’s an herbal tea that is produced from the raspberry plant leaves. Red Raspberry is the most widely used, the best known and the safest herb of all the types for pregnancy and uterine issues.

Most of the benefits attributed to this raspberry leaf tea can be traced back to the nourishing sources of minerals and vitamins which are present in the plant as well as to the fragrine alkaloid that will help to tone muscles in the uterus and pelvic region.

Herbal tonics like the Raspberry Berry leaf tea offer an effective and safe way for pregnant women to improve their overall health and avoid major problems. When you drink raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy, it will help to improve the supply of essential minerals and vitamins, your uterine tone and energy level.

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