The Best Herbal Tea for Sore and Inflammed Throat

Sore throat is a mild and harmless health issue that may occur in the body.

However, if it isn’t treated on time, throat inflammation may lead to some serious health coplications, among which respiratory problems are the commonest.

Besides, the symptoms of throat inflammation such as an intensive ache in the throat, difficulties in swallowing and fever are the reason for you to try to treat this health issue as soon as possible.

Although throat inflammation is mostly treated with medicines, there are cases in which medicines aren’t available or you don’t want or mustn’t use them.

Then herbal teas are the only remedy for you.

You can treat throat inflammation successfully with the following teas:

Mint tea:

Mint tea is very efficient for treating sore throat. This tea contains a number of herbal active ingredients that treat throat inflammation very quickly.

Besides, thanks to its scent, mint tea eases breathing which is often performed with difficulties when the throat is inflammed.

Honey and lemon tea:

Although it doesn’t contain common ingredients used for the preparation of herbal teas, honey and lemon tea is a perfect solution for treating throat inflammation. If you want to make this tea, dissolve one flat tablespoon of honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice (made of half a lemon) into 250ml of boiling water.

Drink while warm. This tea boosts the immune system and kills bacteria and viruses that cause throat inflammation.

Chamomile tea:

Chamomile tea soothes and removes the symptoms of throat inflammation very quickly and efficiently. So, with a couple of cups of chamomile tea a day you will speed up the process of treating throat inflammation.

Sage tea:

Since sage tea is one of the most efficient natural disinfectants, it alleviates throat inflammation. However, have in mind that sage tea isn’t recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and for people who take certain medicines.

Besides, there are people who are allergic to sage ingredients, who, after  consuming this tea may have stomachache, diarrea and skin rashes. If you aren’t among people who mustn’t consume sage tea, it can be very useful for you. But if you are, avoid it.

Apart from consuming, you can also rinse your throat with sage tea. It will treat throat inflammation, too.

Turmeric tea: 

Turmeric is very beneficial for human body. One of its benefits is soothing and removing the symptoms of throat inflammation.

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