Uses of White Tea

White tea is a variety of tea which retains almost all the nature’s goodness. The tender leaves or buds of the tea plant is withered first before processing it lightly. This is a variety of lightly oxidized tea. Chinese had discovered the wonderful qualities of this tea from ancient times. Most of the white tea is cultivated and made in China. The Chinese white tea mostly comes from the naturally embellished hills of Fujian province in china. This is considered to be the best white tea. The name ‘white tea’ is derived from the silvery white hairs on the buds. But the beverage itself is pale yellow.

Organic white tea

Organic white tea is produced by cultivating the tea in a pollution free atmosphere. The high hills of Fujian province in China are famous for this. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used in the cultivation. The ecosystem is carefully preserved so that no pollution or chemical interference affects the tea cultivation. Care is taken during the processing also.

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities

Uses of the white tea are numerous. White tea has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. These qualities enable the tea to fight against heart disease and arthritis. White tea can thin the blood. This improves the arterial function and preserves heart against blood pressure and blood clots. The catechins in the white tea reduce cholesterol and protect heart from heart attacks.

The anti-inflammatory quality of the white tea relieves inflammation caused by arthritis. The anti-elastse quality of the white tea reduces the risk of rheumatic arthritis.

Antiviral effects

White tea has immense antibacterial and antiviral effects. This enhances the general immunity of the body, thus protecting it against a number of bacterial and viral diseases. This quality of the white tea defends teeth from decay. White tea contains small amount of fluoride, which keeps teeth strong. This tea also guards teeth from plaque-forming bacteria.


White tea is very good for skin. Recent studies show that white tea extract can enhance immunity of the skin cells thus protecting skin from damage caused by sun. This fact further encourages the scientists to conduct more studies on white tea as a potential medicine for skin cancer. White tea extract capsules are prescribed as a dietary supplement also.

White tea can work on the free radicals, which are detrimental to body health. These free radicals can form in the body from staying in the sun for too long, stress or the interference of certain diets. White tea can reverse some of these effects and protect skin from damage and aging.

Other health benefits

The other health benefits of white tea include reduction of blood sugar and improving mental health by working on the neural cells. White tea is found to have the ability to increase bone density. This will greatly help arthritis and osteoporosis patients.

There are different types of white tea:

1. Silver needle white tea: This is made from silvery white buds of the tea plant. This is the most famous of white teas. It has a delicate slightly sweet flavor.

2. White peony tea: This is made from tender leaves as well as buds of the tea plant. It is stronger in flavor and darker in color.

3. Long leaf eyebrow white tea: This tea is of lower quality. This is made from the leaves which are left over after the making of the first two quality teas.

4. Tribute eyebrow white tea: This tea is also of lower quality. These are made from special tea bush and processed in a slightly different way.

White tea with ginger

White tea with ginger gives a distinctive flavor. The antioxidant properties of the white tea combined with the various healing qualities of ginger makes it a wonderful beverage, Not only this, this combination is used by various cosmetic companies to produce soaps, body butters, shaving creams, body lotions and even deodorants.

Side effects

Compared to the other varieties of teas, side effects of white tea are fewer. Still, the people who are sensitive to caffeine may have rashes or experience increased heart rate, nausea, vomiting or insomnia. The remedy is to go for decaffeinated tea.

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