What Does Green Tea Do?

Green tea helps people to lose pounds, so with regular drinking, we can lose one pound per month. It is a natural antioxidant that regulates digestion, removes fatty deposits and awakens organism.

Green tea degrades fatty deposits

If you ate too much fatty or sweet food, one cup of green tea can reduce negative consequences of caloric meal. For this is primary reasponsible catechin that encourages degradation of unwanted fat.

Speeding up metabolism

With consuming green tea calories are losing faster. Studies were showing that persons who drink green tea regulary, lose 6% more calories than persons who don’t drink it . In another words, if we take around 2300 calories a day, we can nullify 138 calories by drinking green tea.

Reduction of hunger

Green tea held level of insulin under control, that means the level of bloode sugar is stable, so organism needs less quantities of sweets. Beside this, pleasent warmness of tea reduces hunger.

Cellulite and durability

Green tea is antioxidant that encourages excretion of harmful substances, makes thе skin soft and firm, as well as it helps in reduction of cellulite. This process is very effective in combination with physical activities. Also, green tea increases durability for 25 %.

First aid for digestion

If you have problems with digestion, take big cup of green tea with a few drops of lemon. This tea is effective in problems with constipation.

Green tea awakens

Are you tired and exhausted? Green tea refreshes organism, raises moods and stimulates circulation.

How many cups of tea you should drink?

Optimal daily dose is about six cups, and this dose brings all positive substances of this tea. If you would like you can put a little lemon or milk. You shouldn’t overflow leaves of tea with boiling water, because excessive heat destroys usefull substances.

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