What Is Bubble Tea?

Do you know what bubble tea is? First the originator of bubble tea is Taiwan. Actually they wanted something different from the norms. They had to come up with the bubble tea, which is either the combination of black tea or green tea with milk or fruit juice. And it was a brilliant combination that is selling hugely all over the world. Today it is found in most cities in America such as New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto just to mention few. It does made the tea brand very popular among Americans and Canadians. You can prepare the bubble tea from home and enjoy it either with your family or friends.

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea in the Top Height

It is chiefly produced by Taiwan and Japan. It is a twenty first century tea that has spread through the Asian countries, offering shop owners fun and good sales as they continually targeting tea drinkers both young and old people. As the name implies it is a richly and lively tea drink that grab the attention of people. It has varieties is a fruit or milk – based drink. The bubble tea is also known as boba tea or pearl milk. It became popular in the 1980s and now a widespread phenomenon.

The bubble tea is not new; it has a unique content, remain foreign, despite Americans patronage. It has excited variety of flavours and colours and remains a ritual drinking tea with many people all over the world. The bubble tea is a great and trendy tea drink. The tea is made with black and green teas and blended with mixture of milk and sweetener. Consumers discovered the richly based mixed with fruits and milk now makes people take cognizance of it and is enjoyable.

Today is beyond the handful of tea – based shops we have, most of them found around the world serve the sweet beverages with a ball like chewy tapioca pearls; some with fat straws make it more attractive. It is prepared either hot or cold. It is prepared from powder milk to sweet syrup, and from black tea to green tea, here you can get bubble tea flavours.

The Link to Better Health

The Bubble tea calories are derived from the milk and fatty substances. And what are the calories meant for? Contributes energy to the body, it also requires your nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals to build the body. But you have to balance the calories you take in with the calories you put out. It simply makes you healthy and fit.

Is bubble tea healthy? Yes of course is healthy, it is the only tea that have the combination of black and green teas, which means it contains catechins, an active antioxidants. It helps to boost the immune system. The bubble tea is a combination of black and green tea with their presence of polyphenols and caffeine, which is a supportive agent to weight loss. This is clear fact that it has health benefits.

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