What is Healthier – Coffee or Tea?

There are a lot of articles about this subject. Today, we have numerous studies that have dealt with this issue. Gathering results of most these studies, we get a simple answer: both drinks are healthy but each in their own way. Here’s what are their advantages and drawbacks.


1) Advantages of tea:

* It is discovered that white tea contains more antioxidants than green tea, but they are efficient in the prevention of some diseases

* White tea can prevent problems with obesity – it is discovered that white tea prevents the production of fatty cells.

* Green tea has thermogenic properties and speeds up the oxidation of fat.

* Studies have shown that tea reduces the risk of esophagus cancer in women by 60 per cent

* It has been found that antioxidants from white tea can help as a cure against aging, can prevent some types of cancers, inflammations and some types of heart diseases.

* The tea can prevent development of diabetes type 1, or to slow its progress if it is already developed.

* Three to four cups of tea a day reduces risk of heart attack.

* The tea contains fluoride that protects teeth

* Those who drink more than ten cups of tea a day have less problems with liver disorders.

* The tea may protect from some heart diseases and some types of cancers.

* People who drink black tea four times a day six weeks in order, have had lower level of cortisol, a stress hormone.

* Also green tea helps in protection from lung cancer.

* The tea hydrates more than the caffeine that is in it affects on dehydration.

2) Negative sides of tea:

* If you drink too much warm tea, you increase the risk that you will get sick from cancer of the esophagus.

* The tea may contain pesticides, even if it is marked as organic.

* .The tea contains great quantities of tannins. Tannin reduces absorption of iron in the body what may cause anemia.

* The tea contains the caffeine for which is proved that cause anxiety and raises levels of blood pressure.

* If the tea added in the milk, it loses the properties that are well in prevention against cancer.


1) Advantages of coffee:

* People who drink a lot of coffee will have less chance to get sick from Alzheimer’s disease.

* If coffee is drinking in longer period of time, may reduce risk of heart diseases.

* Scientists believe that some chemicals which are in the coffee may be used for making new medicines for healing heart diseases and insomnia.

* Studies have shown that the coffee helps in prevention from diabetes type 2.

* The coffee decreases risk of development of gout in men older than 40 ages.

* The caffeine increases effectiveness of medicines against pains. * The coffee protects the liver, especially of cirrhosis and cancer.

* The coffee improves short – term memory and speed of reaction. The greatest improvement was found among the oldest people.

2) Negative sides of coffee:

* Some studies have shown that some ingredients of coffee can raise levels of cholesterol.

* Of the more than 1,000 chemicals are found in fried coffee, 19 are cancerous.

* The coffee paints teeth.

* Studies have shown that more than 8 cups of coffee a day increases risk that you give birth to a stillborn child.

* Researches have shown that coffee reduces blood flow to the heart.

The Caffeine

Ordinary prepared coffee contains the greatest quantity of caffeine (150 mg. of caffeine in a cup of 200 mg.), then filter coffee, and instant coffee, and after them is black tea (65 mg. of caffeine in a cup of 200mg.). Espresso contains less caffeine than white and green tea.

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