Why do People Prefer Chamomile Tea for Babies?

Green teas and herbal teas have become a mandatory part of an average adult’s diet. Some people drink this kind of tea as a habit while others follow this ritual as part of a cultural practice. There are still few others who drink it purely for the health benefits. Although, chamomile tea is not a kind of green tea, yet somehow it falls under a similar or same category of teas.

What is Chamomile Tea?

Unlike other commonly known teas, chamomile tea does not originate from leaves. Instead, this tea originates from chamomile flowers and is then combined with other ingredients like ginseng, spearmint, cinnamon or peppermint.

Why Chamomile Tea for Babies is a Good Idea

Chamomile tea has its own separate share of health benefits for which it is a popular hot beverage.Did you know that chamomile tea is actually beneficial for newborn babies as well? Yes, that is right. Chamomile tea has been found, not only to be safe, but extremely healthy for infants and newborns. Let’s find out why chamomile tea for babies is preferred.

It is unlikely for someone to hear that newborns should be given some form of tea but because of its benefits, chamomile has been found to be truly helpful. Read ahead to find out how it is possible.

Benefits of Chamomile Tea for Babies

Chamomile works in multiple ways for a newborn.

• It Soothes a Colic Baby

Babies who are colic and suffer from gases in their stomach inadvertently keep on crying because of this uncomfortable condition. The result is that babies do not sleep on their own for long and remain irritated. Chamomile is known to be an effective remedy against the intestinal spasms. A mild and diluted concoction can help soothe the baby right away. As little as a single dosage has proven to quite effective for most babies and the change is noticeable.

• It Helps in Developing a Comfortable Sleep Pattern

Chamomile is said to contain certain relaxing agents that work in a similar manner to the OTC drugs prescribed as a sleeping aid. Colic babies have a hard time sleeping for longer durations and find comfort while curling up in the arms of parents. Chamomile will help in soothing and relax the most colic of babies resulting in long hours of relaxed sleep both for the baby and the mother.

• It Helps in the Teething Process

Did you know that chamomile tea for babies is also prescribed because it helps in the teething process? Teething is another stage in the life of an infant when he becomes extremely irritated and is unable to sleep comfortably. OTC teething jells have been ranked by the FDA as unsafe therefore should be avoided for this brief period of the infant’s life. Chamomile tea for babies, on the other hand, is a natural product and is, therefore, completely safe.

Natural herbs and tea leaves hold a lot of benefits within themselves. Chamomile tea is one such example that is both natural and full of wonders even for babies.

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